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Wrestling Stars

The exciting stars of NWA Pro Wrestling right here in WBW.

World Champ- Tim Storm

Jamie Holley

North American Champ- Tim Storm

World Tag Champs-

Lumberjack Tony Martin

Billy Bong

NWA Wrecking Ball Wrestling

Tiger Mask

Maxx Muscles

Womens World Champ- Jazz

Tommy Bong

Charlie Haas

The 300 Lb Manimal

Jimmy Jacobs

National Champion- Kahagas

Angel Blue

Dirty Craig Jericho


Aski the Mayan Warrior

Ding Dong


Lance Hoyt

European Champion- Mambo Italiano

Big Sed

Jacob Kilgore

Davey Richards

Li Fang

"Modern Day Hero" Kevin Douglas

Chaz Taylor

Paul London

Victor Romanoff

President- Billy Corrigan

Rudy Russo

The Supreme Machine

Redd Dogg Rodney Mack